Full Member – Remediation

$150.00 / year

What is Remediation Level Membership?

This is the first step for those wishing to gain professional recognition as an asbestos professional.

It demonstrates you have relevant skills and knowledge, you are committed towards CPD, the Code of Ethics and your development, and ensures you remain relevant and employable.

As a Remediation Member you’ll be able to use the FAMANZ post-nominals and access all the membership benefits and resources.

Please complete the application form below.

Full Member – Remediation

A person will be eligible to apply to be admitted as a Full Member– Remediation if he or she:

(a)   has held an asbestos removal licence (bonded and/or friable) issued by the local regulatory authority for a minimum of five years; or

(b)  has a trade/building/construction qualification acceptable to the Board; and

(c)   has successfully completed the Accredited Course – Supervise Asbestos Removal; and

(d)  has a minimum of five years’ experience in asbestos remediation; and

(e)     can demonstrate to the Board a level of competence required of a Full Member– Remediation.

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