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FAMANZ Board Members

FAMANZ has put together the best from Australia and New Zealand

Pierina Otness

Pierina Otness

Senior Toxicologist – Department of Health Western Australia

Piera has 20 years professional experience, mostly as an occupational hygienist in the mining and health industries.   Her experience in asbestos includes management of asbestos in both occupational and non-occupational environments.  Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science, Environmental Health (Occupational health and safety stream), Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science and she is currently enrolled in a research Masters at UWA.   Piera is a member of FAMANZ, ALGA, ACTRA and is a full professional member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (MAIOH). Piera drafted the enHealth Management of Asbestos in the non-occupational environment which was published in 2005.  Her main areas interests are health risk assessment and risk communication.

Brian Eva

Brian Eva

CEO - EVA & Associates

Extensive consultancy experience in the fields of environmental and workplace occupational health & safety risk assessments, training, audits and monitoring programmes within Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Consulting assignments include environmental compliance assessments, chemical exposure risk assessment, hazard investigations and environmental impact, indoor air quality investigations and Integrated Management System preparation and implementation. Extensive experience in workplace hazardous materials risk management including asbestos, workplace chemicals, synthetic mineral fibre, particle board & MDF manufacturing, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) and chemical contamination.

Philip Hibbs

Philip Hibbs

CEO - Hibbs

Philip is an experienced occupational hygienist, currently based in Sydney.  He is a Fellow of the AIOH, a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH)®, a Full Member of the NZOHS, and a Full Member of the BOHS Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management.  The primary focus of his career has been providing advice on hazards related to asbestos, dusts, and chemicals.

In 1994, he established Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd, a Risk Management consulting practice delivering specialist consulting services in occupational hygiene, the management of hazardous building materials, and environmental management.  Prior to this he was a partner at a national SHE consulting firm, where he held the position of NSW Director for a period of five years.  He began his career with the Health Commission of Victoria in their Occupational Health Division.

Derek Miller

Derek Miller

Current Position

Derek Miller has worked in health and safety and environmental health specialising in occupational hygiene and the prevention of work-related ill health for over 30 years. He has worked for Defence both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and in consultancy which have all taken him around the world in his role.  He has worked in the asbestos area as an assessor across Europe from routine surveys for health, clearance through to the asbestos exposure in the aftermath of fires and natural disasters.  In the past he has also developed new techniques for the removal of asbestos from confined restricted spaces where normal procedures would not work. He has been the President of the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society (NZOHS) and served on HASANZ since its inception.

Caroline Langley

Caroline Langley


Caroline Langley [BSc, GDip. (Occup Hygiene), MSafetySc], was a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH)® until her recent retirement. She has over 30 years of professional experience in health, safety, and occupational/environmental hygiene. She held corporate OHSE positions in research organisations, before moving to the consulting sector. Caroline has extensive expertise in asbestos risk assessment, management and remediation in the mining, manufacturing, construction, energy, water, food processing, maritime, health, education and government sectors. Caroline is a past President of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH), and is a member of the board of the AIOH Foundation.

Bridgette Jennings

Bridgette Jennings


Bridgette is a Senior Occupational Hygienist and Managing Director of Chemsafety, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She has over 16 years experience in undertaking workplace exposure assessments and asbestos management and has led assessor teams during complex and high profile asbestos removal projects.

Bridgette has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, is a full member of the NZOHS and is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor.

Nick Cowman

Nick Cowman


Nick is a professional within the Australian asbestos removal, contaminated lands and waste management industries. In his 13 year career Nick has exceeded in his roles across field consulting and technical project delivery and management roles. Nick is currently on the leadership team of Enviropacific, a respected Australian owned specialised services contractor. Nick is tertiary qualified in Environmental Management and Project Management and brings strong business acumen and an Australian industry understanding to FAMANZ.

Nick is committed to future betterment of industry and will be responsible for advancing the management of asbestos in the civil, construction, remediation and waste arenas with industry.

Robert McAllister

Robert McAllister

Associate Director

Robert is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor and professionally qualified Building Surveyor with almost two decades of experience in the fields of environmental services and building surveying. He boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of asbestos consultancy and compliance management.

As a BOHS Qualified and Licensed Asbestos Assessor through Worksafe NZ, along with being a Full Member of FAMANZ Robert has specialised in environmental consultancy, specifically related to asbestos, hazardous materials and hazardous substances, since arriving in New Zealand in 2015. He leads a team of environmental specialists that regularly undertakes all types and sizes of asbestos surveys, including for large scale property portfolios, provides bespoke asbestos awareness training courses, writes and reviews asbestos removal scopes, is involved in different stages of procurement and management of asbestos related works and independently monitors removal projects and provides reoccupation certification. 

Prior to relocating to New Zealand, Robert worked in the UK for a significant social housing provider and managed a regional team of mechanical and electrical surveyors, undertaking compliance monitoring and management including remediation projects for asbestos, water testing (Legionella), gas, electrical, entry door systems, gates and barriers and boosted water.

Robert is passionate about the industry and enjoys contributing toward the raising of awareness and standards generally.

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FAMANZ will work in conjunction with allied industry societies, regulators, government, and the community in Australia and New Zealand to raise the professional and ethical standards of professionals providing services to the asbestos management industry.

Our vision is to:

Minimise exposures to airborne respirable asbestos fibres for workers and the general public in Australia and New Zealand.

Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment, management, and abatement professions;

Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment, management, and abatement for those who are members of FAMANZ

Act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment, management, and abatement.

Advancing Industry Knowledge

FAMANZ offers comprehensive courses to assist in the transfer of knowledge about all aspects of asbestos through training sessions online and in person.

Improve the practice of asbestos assessment

Information sessions and online resources are made available to our members to help improve the practice of asbestos assessment.


Encourage and Promote Research

Faculty of Asbestos Management of Australia & New Zealand can help you and your company grow with correct research procedures and processes.


FAMANZ strives to be the leading representative for the asbestos industry through training, knowledge, research, assistance and much more.

Who is FAMANZ for?

occupational hygienists, asbestos removal contractors, environmental consultants, asbestos assessors / surveyors, property managers, demolition contractors, recycling industry operators, disposal contractors, suppliers, and allied industries.

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