Application for Member Risk Management


A person will be eligible to apply to be admitted as a Full Member if he or she:

  • is a Full or Fellow Member of the BOHS Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management; or
  • is a Full or Fellow Member of the AIOH or NZOHS, or a member of any professional society with an IOHA NAR Scheme, and can demonstrate to the Board specialist expertise in the assessment and management of asbestos; or
  • holds a Certificate of Competence in Asbestos (CoC) issued by the Company or by BOHS and has a minimum of five years’ experience at a professional level; or
  • have a baccalaureate degree in science or engineering acceptable to the Board, or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the Board; and
  • can demonstrate to the Board a level of competence required of a Full Member.

Forms should be completed electronically and attached to the online application along with the appropriate supporting documents.  Instructions on how to do this are provided.

Applicants should work through each section of the form, completing all the details in full.

Before completing this online form, applicants should make sure they meet the entry requirements.


    What is Member Risk Management?

    This level of membership is aimed at professionals who want to achieve the highest professional standards. Employers will know that when they work with a person who is a FAMANZ Member, they are dealing with someone who is at the top of their profession.

    It demonstrates you have relevant skills and knowledge, you are commitment towards ongoing professional development, the Code of Ethics and your development, and ensures you remain relevant and employable.

    As a Member, you will be able to use the FAMANZ post-nominal and access all the membership benefits and resources.

    All Members are required to comply with our Code of Ethics

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