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Welcome to the FAMANZ quarterly Newsletter… February 2022

I would like to welcome all FAMANZ members to the first edition of the FAMANZ Quarterly newsletter. The quarterly Newsletter for FAMANZ members will have the latest asbestos news from Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • FAMANZ News
  • News on future FAMANZ events
  • Asbestos News across Australia and New Zealand
  • Legislation updates
  • Sponsor’s corner
  • “What would you change in the regulations and why….”
  • “Ask the Expert”

The asbestos industry is constantly evolving and striving for perfection but there is always room for improvement. As editor of the newsletter, I welcome articles and input from all FAMANZ members.

Contact me at [email protected] or FAMANZ at [email protected]

Best regards,

Jason Milner – CoC Asbestos, MFAMANZ, MFAAM


Newstalk ZB

FAMANZ was contacted by Newstalk ZB in January 2022 in regards to a commercial building fire in Motueka, New Zealand where asbestos had been previously identified. 

Bridgette Jennings (FAMANZ Chairperson) was asked to discuss the health risks to nearby residents so the information could be included in the day’s radio news bulletins. Bridgette relayed crucial information about the asbestos present on-site and the remediation protocol going forward. Well done Bridgette!  Read more on the fire event here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme

A reminder that CPD Logs are due on Monday 28 February 2022.  
A total of 5 CPD points must be attained by Full Members Risk Management and Remediation per calendar year (1 January to 31 December inclusive).  Memberships purchased prior to December 2020, CPD Logs are now due.  Membership purchased between January 2021 and December 2021 are due in 2023.

To submit your CPD log, log in to your account, then

Further information on the CPD Scheme

FAMANZ Welcomes New Members

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Who is FAMANZ for?

 Occupational hygienists, asbestos removal contractors, environmental consultants, asbestos assessors / surveyors, property managers, demolition contractors, recycling industry operators, disposal contractors, suppliers, and allied industries.

You do not have to be an asbestos professional to become an affiliate member of FAMANZ.

Membership benefits:

  • Minimise exposures to airborne respirable asbestos fibres for workers and the general public in Australia and New Zealand;
  • Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment, management, and abatement professions;
  • Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment, management, and abatement for those who are members of FAMANZ.

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FAMANZ Webinar: Naturally Occurring Asbestos
Thursday 3 March, 2022 @ 12.00pm AEDT | 2.00pm NZDT | 9.00am AWST
Presented by: Dr Martin Harper – Courtesy Professor, Department of Environment Engineering Sciences, University on Florida.  The presentation will focus on the nature and occurrence of asbestos and erionite, with a particular focus on occurrences outside of sites of mining, processing, and use.  Available to members and non members.  Register online now. 

What would you change in the regulations and why….”

This is a conversation many professionals have in regards to current legislation for their chosen profession, the asbestos industry is no different. I am welcoming input from readers with suggestions and more importantly: validation. Having worked in the asbestos industry in the public sector and consultancy since 2004 one of the common discussions is RPE – Respiratory Protective Equipment. Qualitative or Quantitative face fit testing, P2 or P3 filtered RPE. Let’s look at the facts…..

RPE face fit testing; Qualitative versus Quantitative

Qualitative face fit testing is subjective and what if the person on the receiving end of the Bitrex or Sweetex has an urgent appointment or is running late? A successful Qualitative face fit test is dependent on a receiver’s taste buds and honesty.

Quantitative face fit testing is the most widely-used Quantitative fit testing method is the Ambient Particle Counting method (the TSI PortaCount). The PortaCount measures the ratio of particles inside and outside the facepiece and provides a numerical result called a Fit Factor. This is not subjective and is scientifically proven.  

P2 versus P3 RPE Filters

P2 Filters – P2 is a respiratory filter rating under the AS/NZS1716 standards for use in Australia and New Zealand. Filtration rate: Filters at least 94% of airborne particles

P3 Filters – P3 is a respiratory filter rating under the AS/NZS1716 standards for use in Australia and New Zealand. Filtration rate: Filters at least 99.95% of airborne particles 


Asbestos is a health risk when inhaled or ingested. During friable or non-friable projects there is always a potential asbestos exposure risk. During asbestos projects, where all control measures are implemented as per current legislation your RPE is the last line of defence.

Would you wear a life jacket that only protects 94 people out of a hundred? As an asbestos professional, I always wear Quantitative face-fitted P3 RPE.

“What would you change in the regulations and why….?” – Contact me at [email protected] or FAMANZ at [email protected]

Sponsors Corner


FAMANZ would like to introduce our plastinum sponsor airmet

Still, proudly Australian owned and operated, Air-Met Scientific has been delivering reliable measurement and monitoring solutions to OHS and environmental professionals since 1984. Operating from 6 locations nationwide, Air-Met Scientific has grown into Australia’s market leader in the supply, service, and rental of a wide range of instrumentation and sampling media from air sampling pumps and accessories to dust monitors and respirator fit testers. 

Our core commitment is to provide the highest level of customer service, support, and instrumentation to our customers and our dedicated local support teams are here ensure our customers can work with confidence knowing they are equipped with the right instrumentation for their job. 

For more information, visit or call 1800 000 744.

Contact Details:
Phone (sales/service):
1800 000 744
Phone (rental): 1300 137 067
Email: [email protected]

Become a FAMANZ Sponsor……

The Faculty of Asbestos Management of Australia & New Zealand (FAMANZ), is the largest not for profit association in Australia & New Zealand, dedicated to promoting professional asbestos management.

Any company or organisation can show their support of FAMANZ.  We offer benefits to all businesses and have a tiered sponsorship structure that offers supporters a range of marketing, advertising, profiling and co-branding opportunities. Read more

Industry News

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Updates

  • NATA released a statement clarifying that technical advice has been sought on the usage of adhesive tapes and swabs/wipes for asbestos sampling under AS 4964 2004. NATA concluded that the usage of adhesive tape, swabs or wipes fall outside the definition of a bulk sample and therefore are not covered by the scope of AS4964 2004. Reports using this method of sampling cannot be issued with NATA endorsement. 
  • NATA – ISO IEC 17025 Application Document Life Sciences –  Annex Asbestos sampling and testing document draft document with amendments released for feedback (closed 11 Feb). View the NATA website.

First NATA Accredited Transmission Electron Microscopy Asbestos Laboratory in Oceania

COHLABS-TEM is a joint-venture between 3 different companies that decided to collaborate their skills to bring Transmission Electron Microscopy to Australia for the purpose of improving scientific rigour to the asbestos industry.  
Keep reading


Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency (ASEA) Updates

  • ASEA has announced the successful RegTech challenge applicants who will begin a 3 month feasibility study on the challenge of using technology for real-time and accurate asbestos testing.The applicants are: Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd, UACS Consulting Pty Ltd, Alemir International Pty Ltd, Flawless Photonics Pty Ltd and PAG R&D Pty Ltd who will now test out their ideas. ASEA would like to thank  the FAMANZ members that were involved with the applicant assessments for this challenge. View the media release
  • ASEA has released Asbestos-Cement Water and Sewer Pipe Management Guidelines to assist organisations providing water and sewerage services in minimizing the risk of exposure to asbestos fibre released from AC pipes, this document is available online. View guidelines.

QuantiFit 2 Fit Tester Detects Leak in Respirators Passed by CNC Technology

Wearing a correctly fitted and sealed respirator is essential to protecting the health of workers when removing asbestos, creating an important physical barrier between workers, and inhaling in dangerous asbestos fibres or dust.

All respirators come in different in shapes and sizes so it’s important to conduct fit tests on each respirator before use to ensure correct fit to the wearer’s face with proper seals to prevent exposure to asbestos. Even the smallest leakage can compromise the level of protection provided to workers.

Not all respirator fit testers are the same. Find out how our teams used the OHD QuantiFit 2 with Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) technology, a RESP-FIT Approved fit testing methodology, to detect the smallest leaks in a respirator that were passed by other fit testing technologies.

Industry Events

2022 Asbestos Safety and Management Conference | 19–20 May 2022

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) and Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) are pleased to announce the 2022 Asbestos Safety and Management Conference, to be held from 19–20 May 2022 at the Fairmont Resort & Spa in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. Find out more.

AIOH 2021 Conference: “Challenge for Change” | 19 March 2022 – Full day session

Philip Hibbs (FAMANZ Board Director) presents a full day session on asbestos identification. This CES is designed for beginners to gain an understanding of asbestos identification analysis using stereo and polarized light microscopy. It is an introductory course with both practical and theoretical components.
Register now.

CASANZ22: Climate for change | A better air quality future  |
12th – 14th September 2022

CASANZ promotes awareness and understanding of the issues affecting air quality. With the support of local and world-renowned leaders in the sector, we proudly present the 26th International Clean Air and Environment Conference on the 12-14 September 2022 at The Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel, located in Glenelg, South Australia.

We are living in an age of transformation where air quality has become an increasingly important public concern, receiving additional focus across scientific fields and policy arenas. Technology is driving innovation in the areas of renewable energy and transport promising the potential for large emission reductions and improvements in air quality.

Find out more HERE:

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 “Ask the Expert” 

FAMANZ has the resources of various regulators across Oceania as well as members of the FAMANZ board who will provide a comprehensive reply as “Reasonably Practicable”. Thank you for reading & Keep safe….. Best regards, Jason Milner Editor Editor Contact me at [email protected] or FAMANZ at [email protected]