European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2022

EGU Session Call for Abstracts
We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract to our session at EGU General Assembly 2022 in

Vienna, 3-8 April 2022 (
NH8.3 – Mineral particles and fibres: bridging minero-chemistry to occupational and environmental

strategies for health hazard control

Conveners: Jasmine R. Petriglieri (Univ. Torino, IT), Cristina Pavan (Univ. Torino, IT), Sarah Kalika (DiabloGeo, USA), Ana López Lilao (ITC, ES), Chandnee Ramkissoon (Univ. Adelaide, AU)

Exposure to mineral dust is an important global cause of respiratory diseases, mainly in occupational settings. Though the incidence of occupational lung disease has decreased in many countries, exposure to silica, asbestos, and other mineral dusts are responsible for 25% of all occupational lung diseases (WHO study, 2017). Re-emergence of lung diseases associated with unexpected sources, and non- conventional exposure scenarios require an up-to-date risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation strategies. A new frontier of the research in mineral dust is to design an integrated occupational and environmental strategy (exposome) for health hazard control.

To tackle these challenges, this session welcomes contributions and case studies on the following aspects:

  • –  particle and fibre mineralogical definition, including regulatory aspects;

  • –  particle and fibre risk assessment, migration, transport, and fate in natural environments

    including air, water, and soil/rock, and in occupational settings;

  • –  physico-chemical assessment of particle and fibre characteristics relevant to interactions with

    biological milieu, and mechanisms of toxicity;

  • –  development of novel approaches for the determination of inorganic particle and fibre

    occurrences, risk management, air sampling procedures for outdoor/indoor environments,

    protection strategies for workers, environment, and population at large;

  • –  all other studies on environmental, occupational, and non-conventional exposures to inorganic dust, including asbestos, silica, silicates, volcanic ashes, celestial dusts, dusts from construction

    sites, and more in general composite dust.

    This session’s contributions aim to invite an interdisciplinary audience, encompassing mineralogy, geology, environmental chemistry, epidemiology, and medicine.

    The abstract deadline is January 12th (13:00 CET)

    We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!