The department has released an information sheet for persons in control of a workplace and those involved in inspecting, removing, managing or disposing of asbestos contaminated soils at workplaces.

This information sheet deals with soils at a workplace, which are contaminated with asbestos containing material (ACM). It does not cover naturally occurring asbestos at a workplace.

Does your organisation lead in improving health and safety?    

Nominations are open for the “Leadership excellence award”.  This category in the 2021 Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards recognises an organisations excellence in leadership in improving health and safety in the workplace.   

Past winner of this award is Rio Tinto.

Other award categories:

  • Work health and safety invention of the year
  • Best solution to a work health and safety risk
  • Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative
  • Safety and health representative of the year

The Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards recognise outstanding solutions and innovations to specific health and safety problems in Western Australian workplaces. 

For award categories and criteria, terms and conditions and general information please visit the Awards homepage



Applications for the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) are now open

The Australian Government is providing funding for startups and SMEs to address regulatory challenges as part of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII).

One challenge is being run through Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA): Using technology for real-time and accurate asbestos testing.

It is calling for new and innovative technology solutions that can be used to accurately test building materials that contain asbestos on site.

The challenge is to overcome existing technical limitations and deliver a solution that is non‑destructive (i.e. not removing, drilling or disturbing materials to test) and meets regulatory requirements.

For further information on

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