Dust to Dust is a four-part audio documentary series created to coincide with the UK-wide campaign Airtight on Asbestos, led by independent think tank ResPublica.  The podcasts began on the weekend before the 20th anniversary of the UK ban on asbestos (24 November 2019).  Available at:


Don’t Breathe In.

Twenty years ago, the UK banned the manufacturing and use of asbestos.  The substance widely used in a range of building products had been proved to cause serious and fatal harm.

Since November 1999 when the ban came into force, no new buildings have contained this deadly material.  However, anything built or refurbished before this date may still contain asbestos, where it remains in an increasingly aged and deteriorating condition.  It is estimated that over six million tonnes of asbestos were imported into the UK during the last century,8 most of which can be found in more than 1.5 million buildings.

Don’t Breathe In: Bridging the Asbestos Safety Gap – A review of research, policy, and practice is a review published by the independent non-partisan think tank ResPublica.



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