2019 has been a productive and significant year for the agency. This year, we saw the development and endorsement of the second phase of the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management. This update will provide an overview on agency activities and highlights from the past 12 months.

National Asbestos Awareness Week 25 November – 1 December 2019

Congratulations to all stakeholders on a productive National Asbestos Awareness Week this year.

The slogan chosen for National Asbestos Awareness Week was “Asbestos lurks in more places than you’d think”. The slogan was chosen in order to help educate the population of the many possibilities where asbestos could potentially be located.

A large number of government and non-government organisations took part in National Asbestos Awareness Week to call on Australians not to be complacent about the dangers of asbestos fibres.

The Asbestos Support Group Network held a number of awareness and memorial events around the country, taking time to remember and commemorate lives lost to asbestos-related diseases.


Launch of the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management
2019 – 2023

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency is currently working to theNational Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management 2019 – 2023 (NSP 2019 – 2023) which was launched in November 2019 at the Asbestos Safety conference.

NSP 2019 – 2023 ensures there is a nationally consistent and coordinated approach to asbestos awareness, management and removal. It outlines a phased approach to eliminating asbestos-related diseases in Australia, which is the ultimate aim of the plan. Phase one went from 2014 – 2018.

NSP 2019 – 2023 has four national priorities which meet the requirements of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Act 2013:

  1. Improve asbestos awareness to influence behavioural change
  2. Identification and effective legacy management
  3. Safe prioritised removal and effective waste management
  4. International collaboration and leadership

An animation has been developed explaining NSP 2019 – 2023 and is available for viewing below or via this link.

To view the full plan, visit website here

Asbestos support group network highlights video

The agency has put together a video package that highlights the work of the asbestos-related disease support groups across the country to support their Asbestos Support Group Network (ASGN). The video was launched at the 2019 Asbestos Safety Conference.  
The video is an important insight into their day-to-day activities including
providing awareness sessions and training to apprentices and tradespeople, community awareness and education, home visits to asbestos-related disease sufferers, visiting research institutes, providing healthcare assistance and providing overall support for those that have been diagnosed, their friends and families.

The ASGN has an important role in the asbestos management system as they assist in raising awareness, advocating and supporting the victims of
asbestos-related diseases, commission and fund research and influence better outcomes for workers.

This video not only highlights the work of the groups, but also the importance of why and what we are all working towards.

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