The International Association for Engineering & Geology (IAEG) Technical Working Group on Naturally Occurring Asbestos has been working with various IAEG colleagues around the world to create a proposal to form an IAEG Commission on NOA.  This is to be known as IAEG Commission 39 on Naturally Occurring Asbestos.  See the photograph below.  The Chairman will be Mark Bailey from TEM Labs, USA.

Geologists, geotechnical engineers, mineralogists, environmental consultants, occupational hygienists are called upon to undertake the difficult tasks of identifying, assessing, and mitigating hazards from NOA.  The challenge of working with NOA is compounded when government agencies require compliance with regulations designed to address commercially exploited asbestos, rather than NOA.  The 2018 IAEG NOA Symposium panel discussion with participants from around the world underscored that current guidelines and regulations to protect workers and the public from NOA exposure may not be adequate, and are too often very poorly suited, for that purpose.  In addition, the NOA regulations which do exist have not been standardised across jurisdictions

More detail can be found in the IAEG Newsletter Issue No.1,2019 available here