It’s important that people who work with crystalline silica have a respiratory health assessment.

WorkSafe is currently offering a free health assessment to all past and present workers in the stonemason industry to identify any crystalline silica related disease.

Why should I get a health assessment?

In Victoria there has been an increase in silicosis claims being lodged with WorkSafe and about 80% of these workers have worked in the stonemason industry.

Workers in the stonemason industry may be exposed to crystalline silica dust. Benchtop fabrication workers are at higher risk, because they regularly work with reconstituted stone. Early identification of respiratory disease, including silicosis, will allow you to have treatment earlier, which can improve your health outcomes.

Am I eligible?

WorkSafe’s silicosis assessment program has been developed for people working within the stonemason industry in Victoria. All past and present workers in the stonemason industry are eligible for a free health assessment.

How do I get started?

For more information or to start the process, phone WorkSafe Advisory or email [email protected]

Orignal article and further details here.

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