An online data collection company says property owners should make onsite hazards publicly available, so outsiders are better protected.

SaferMe is an app that alerts users to hazards on a property like asbestos, old mineshafts and natural hazards, but getting the information to feed it can be difficult.

Tauranga electrician Kerry treats nearly every home he goes into as a potential asbestos site.

If found onsite it can slow a job down by days, and bring up the cost up significantly.

“You only need one fibre to react in your lung which would not probably happen for 20 or 30 years so you’d never know, it can’t be tested for.

“We had a situation with an apprentice drilled one hole into asbestos soffit, didn’t realise at the time. He was very concerned, as he was a young guy, married with a young baby so he was very concerned.”

That situation also cost Kerry thousands of dollars in cleanup fees.

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