Webinar: Managing the asbestos response to a bushfire natural disaster

24th of September 1.30 EST (11.30 Perth  and 3.30 NZ time)


“Managing the asbestos response to a bushfire natural disaster. How the inherent challenges of a state-wide clean up were managed without compromising the health and safety of the community”


Presented by:
Paul Clarkson | Progressive Risk Management
Steven Nikolovski | SafeWork NSW
Martin Kelly | Enviropacific


Free for all FAMANZ members.

The fires of summer 2019-2020 devasted many communities across NSW, but also Victoria and South Australia. The resultant destruction required coordination at a national level to ensure the efficient recovery of ravaged communities. At a ground level asbestos was present within so many fire damaged or destroyed structures. To prevent further risk of harm was of primary importance. This session will present three perspectives of the mammoth response.  

There will also be a Q&A session.