Thursday 30th of July 3.30 EST (1.30 Perth  and 5.30 NZ time)

This webinar will provide information on the assessment and management of asbestos contaminated land.  The first part of the webinar will discuss how an asbestos removal control plan and clearance inspection/certificate can include the remediation of asbestos contaminated soils identified during the removal of existing buildings and infrastructure.  The second part of the webinar will outline the current National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure and the Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia for land found to be contaminated with asbestos such as from legacy waste fill, surface dumping and debris/fragments found in soil.  The final part of the webinar will include a Q&A session regarding questions and issues arising from the assessment and management of contaminated land.

Presented by Pierina Otness | Senior Toxicologist

Chemical Hazards and Toxicology | Environmental Health Directorate
Public and Aboriginal Health Division | Department of Health Western Australia



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